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Golden Peak Half Marathon


If you believe that it's yourself that you should conquer while running, rather than the distance or the heights, then psych yourself up for the 5th edition of Golden Peak Half Marathon 2024 which is scheduled for

March 10th , subject to government decisions regarding travel and events due to the ongoing pandemic.

Registrations are open now!

As the government eases the rules for public gatherings, we have decided to make GPHM 2024 a real event, because only runners know how it feels to run on the road on a sunny day, touch the finish line, and receive a medal. Missing the unique and picturesque route of the Golden Peak Half Marathon is a big loss. So get ready to experience the tropical forests with unique flora and fauna, the 22 hairpin bends that test your stamina and strength, the crystal clear streams crisscrossing the route, and of course, the breathtaking view at the finish point, at the Upper Sanatorium.

Golden Peak Half Marathon is a 21.1K road run through the hills of Ponmudi, part of the Western Ghats mountain ranges that run parallel to the Arabian Sea and located at 55.2km north-east of Trivandrum City. Golden Peak Half Marathon is a volunteer-driven and non-profit event, organized and hosted by ITEN runners club Trivandrum, Kerala. GPHM is the only Half marathon in South India with an elevation gain of 1000m, meandering through the thick tropical forest. The event starts from Anappara Gov. High School, as you cross Kallar - the gateway to Ponmudi the course becomes tough with a steady gradient. Be alert to the altitude change, as you can raise your strides & cadence without running out of steam.

The course passes through forests, rapids near the road, scenic views of the mystic mountains, and more. As you cross the upper check post at the 19K mark, get ready for the finale. The final 2.1K takes you through breathtaking scenery and you will start getting glimpses of the Golden Peak shining bright in the sun as the name resembles. As you cross the finish line you will be greeted with the sights and the smells; the breeze and the rapids; the volunteers and cheering squads. It will be an experience that stays with you forever. Come challenge yourself and experience the Heaven on earth.

Young Woman Running

ITEN Runners Club is an amateur long-distance runners community based out of Trivandrum, Kerala, India with the mission to "Rejoice running". Our motto is "Catch them old" to match our vision to help people relive those childhood days when running was fun and exciting. The name is derived from 'Iten' ("Home of Champions"), which is a town in Elgeyo-Marakwet County in the Republic of Kenya. An otherwise uneventful place on the beautiful African continent. Iten is unique in the fact that it has produced world-class long-distance runners over several decades by now. For the people of Iten, running is a lifestyle, passion and destiny.​

The ITEN Runners Club embodies the spirit of the champions of Iten by promoting long-distance running as a lifestyle. Among our members, you will find road racers passionate about 5k,10k, Half Marathon and Marathon events, trail runners zeroing in on ultra running trails across the world and IRONMAN champs. ​

Despite suddenly finding yourself investing in costly running watches and other accessories which are unlikely to impress your spouse, as a member of this community you get few benefits. It includes the sudden aversion towards the tendency to smoke, skipping that "one for the road" drink, craving for more sleep (say goodbye to insomnia), becoming the statistician who you never imagined you to be, increased awareness of the environment, a lean mean physique and networking with an equally (if not more) crazy lot of people from all walks of life, across the world. The running community connects from all over the world while spreading the word on how running regularly contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Once an ITENer, always an ITENer!!



ITEN Runners Club, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Phone Number: +91 9447 122 110

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