Golden Peak Virtual Half Marathon 2021

How it works?

  • Golden Peak Virtual Half Marathon 2021 is a Virtual race, works exactly the same as any other type of running but the difference is that the entered race can be run at your comfortable location (preferably hilly terrain), pace and place.

  • Categories: 
    21.1K - minimum 300 meters elevation gain
    10K -  minimum 100 meters elevation gain

  • It is advisable to run in the vicinity of your neighborhood, with strict adherence to Social Distancing and No Group Congregation norms.

  • A window of time between 01/01/2021 to 31/01/2021(the whole month of January) is provided for enabling this.

  • It will not be a conventionally timed run based on bib, timing chip and timing mat.

  • You have to record your run on the running app you are comfortable with and then upload the same to a provided link so that all the data is collated as it would be in a running event.



Here are a few things about Virtual Running that you must know and understand.

Where can I run?

Anywhere in the world! Literally anywhere that you have access to and is legally allowed. Ensure that you do not run in crowded places. Pick a route and time where the crowd is minimal and at the same time it is safe for you to run.

When should I run?

The run should be any time between the midnight of the  31st of December 2020 to the midnight of the31st of January 2021. Any run outside these dates will not be accepted or considered.

How many runs can I do within this duration?

You can run only once for the distance that you have registered. No stipulated duration. You can of course take water breaks or walk in the middle of your run or even take a quick rest break. But you cannot run half the distance in the morning and the remaining half another time.

What App should I use for tracking my run?

Ideally you must use one of the below specified apps

  1. Garmin

  2. Strava

  3. Nike Running Club

  4. Runtastic

  5. Runkeeper 

  6. Map my Run 

If you have a GPS watch, even better, track your run with your watch and share the data in any platform that you use.

Will my timing be verified?

In a virtual run there is only so much we can do to verify runs. But there is no prize money, medal, memento or goodies. so you are only competing with yourself and we are sure you will be true to yourself.

Having said that we will be doing a certain level of verification and where the data is questionable we will request for your previous timing logs with sufficient proof before issuing certificates.

How can I submit my run timing?

You will be getting a link through an email to your registered email address. Upon clicking the link, you will get the option to enter your timings along with other information.

When you complete your run/walk, open the link and upload your time, distance and elevation gain into the link.

Please make sure that your run details capture:

  • Date

  • Start time

  • End time

  • App details

  • Distance

How to share the timing link:

  1. Garmin –

  2. Strava –

  3. Nike Running Club –

  4. Runtastic –

  5. Runkeeper –

  6. Map my Run –

Important note on Time zones

All timings are IST based. If you are in another country with a different time zone, you must calculate deadlines based on IST.

When can I submit my run by?

Before the midnight of the 7th of February 2021. Ideally immediately after you complete your run.

Event Dates: 01/01/2021 to 31/01/2021

Location: Anywhere

Categories: 21.1K - minimum 300 meters elevation gain
                    10K -  minimum 100 meters elevation gain

The Registration Fees cover: 

E-certificate and donation towards the supported causes only. 

Note: For any additional queries, please send an email to