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Rules and regulations

We want Golden Peak half marathon to be a life time experience for everyone and request all participants to be patient and sensitive to other runners, volunteers and race officials. More importantly the route is an ecologically sensitive and fragile land, venturing into the forest for any reason will lead to disqualification. We request all runners to review these rules and regulations 

carefully and fully abide by them. Failure to abide by these rules might result in a runner being disqualified and taken off the course at the discretion of the race officials. We assume that all participants have read this information prior to registration and participation in our event.

Rules and regulations


  1. Race Format: Golden Peak half marathon is a continuous race. Once the race has started, the clock keeps running regardless of whether the runner is on the course or has taken a break. Maximum time to finish the race is 04.00.00 hours.

  2. Bib & Timing: All participants have to wear bib in a manner that they are visible in the front at all times. Removal of bib indicates that the participant has withdrawn from the race. This race will be a manually timed run. Cut-off time will be based on the clock time for individual runners.

  3. Finish: A runner must meet all of the following requirements to be a 'Finisher' and will be eligible for an Official Timing Certificate and Finishers medal.
    a) Started the Race, wearing an Official Bib in the front
    b) Recorded their passing at all the Manual Checkpoints on the Course
    c) Met the Final Cut-Off time
    d) Did not travel in an ambulance or any other vehicle during the race for any duration


  4. Did-Not-Finish: A runner who did not meet any of the requirements for a Finish listed above will be deemed a Did-Not-Finish (DNF)Such runners will not be given an official timing certificate or finishers medal. A registered participant who did not start the race will also be a DNF.

  5. Pulling Out: A runner can pull out of the race voluntarily, but must do so at a hydration point or aid station. They must remain there until an authorised Race Vehicle picks them up. Additionally, a runner may be asked to pull out by a Race Official, if the runner violates the rules or a  member of the Medical Team. We request runners to respect these decisions because they are for your safety.

  6. Personal Crews & Pacers: All runners will be supported by volunteers and officials provided by us. No personal crew or pacers are permitted. If you want to organise personal crews or pacers for yourself, please have them register for the event as runners and then they are welcome to perform the role of personal crew or pacers for you.

  7. Dress Code: All runners must be dressed in appropriate Tights, shorts, singlets, T-shirts etc. Nudity or partial nudity could hurt the sensitivity of other runners and could result in disqualification.

  8. Health Check-up: A member of our Medical team may request a runner to submit for a medical check at any point during the run. Based on the evaluation of the medical staff, a runner may be allowed to continue or will be pulled out of the run. Runners are requested to accept their decision.

  9. Drugs, Liquor and Substance Abuse: Runners who use drugs, narcotics or other banned substances as determined by the medical staff will be disqualified and awarded a DNF. Liquor is not permitted on the course.

  10. Foreign Citizens: All foreign citizens will have to provide a photocopy of the front and back pages of their passport showing their photo identity and details of passport prior to starting the run. This is a security requirement from the local administration.

  11. Registration and Fees: Your registration is non-transferable and fees is non-refundable. This is a non-profit event and are barely able to sustain costs for this event. We will not refund registration fees or transferred to other runners or move your registration to a future event of ours.

  12. Race Officials Decisions: Decisions taken by our Run Managers are binding and we request all runners to accept their decisions with respect. The Race Director’s decision is final and will overrule a decision taken by other officials.

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